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Model: F2-210A

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Patent NO. : ZL201230424782.3


Another masterpiece of Slaven Kolak, the master of electro acoustics, has come out at Biema audio!

The new F2 series speakers are stylish and astounding. Full range speakers of F2 series are adopted phrase inverted cabinet construction and artistic and humanistic special-design constant directivity horn, which makes the speakers not only keep a certain bandwidth and wave length but also deliver accurate sound thrown and coverage.

After special coating material treatment at the diaphragm, no matter big or small signal, even very weak one can be reproduced thoroughly. Perfect sound reinforcement, low distortion, smaller cabinets but more powerful output, higher performance realize wilder application. While inside F2 series dual-woofer full range cabinets, a three-way crossover is employed. When low frequency signals are input to speaker, two woofers begin to work simultaneously in different frequency response range, which ensure better sound reproduction. However, if the input signal is above the crossover point, only one woofer will be working. This design optimizes sound projection and frequency response.

F2 subwoofer cabinets audaciously adopt post-loading compression construction design. Precise cavity and its matching diaphragm size have been calculated out after repetitious tests. Best composition achieve optimal coupling out, huge dynamic range and ultra strong sub power.

F2 series speakers meet all fixed installation or touring performance. Widely application in hotels, multifunction halls or stations, docks and airports, as a main sound reinforcement system or monitor, or front of house, or even supplementary in a sound system, F2 series speakers never fail to pleasant to the ears and eyes.
F2 series speakers also fulfill flexible combination for different kinds of sound systems. No matter for small individual shows, classic music appreciation, home parties or medium-sized concerts, F2 series speakers can always satisfy your need.


●All 10 models of full range speakers can either be passive or active. For active, just simply combine the corresponding digital switching power amplifier module.
●All woofers adopt special material paper cone and high-temperature resistant voice coil, reliable and safe.
●High sensitivity compression driver best matching with constant directivity horn, delivers transparent sound.
●Refined crossover system ensures each speaker optimal frequency response and best sound quality.
●Environmental harden spray lacquer coating enables extreme wear-resisting.
●Hard wearing porous steel grille with golden cut cross, elegant and faddish.
●All full range speaker cabinets have multiple eye bolts on their bodies, convenient for different angle, different way or multiple speakers’ combination suspension by different kinds of specialized suspension hardware (optional).
●Tailor-made ABS antiskid feet, stable and durable.
●F2 subwoofers allow horizontal or vertical operation in either single cabinet application or multiple cabinets stacking up.
●Harden 2 cartons packing is applied to better transportation protection.




Frequency response



BML-2×T1002; BMH-DN34

Directivity angle

H100°   V80°


4 ohm

Long-term power(RMS)


Power peak

600W/5 Min



Maximum SPL



2×NL4R speakon

Product/Shipping dimensions(W×D×H)