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Model: OMEGA

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OMEGA matrix line array system- a new member but a big part of Biema family!

High SPL output, wide dynamic response, precise sound dispersion and remarkable sound reproduction capacity, make OMEGA as the demanded system for outdoor sound reinforcement or live show application.

OMEGA matrix line array system easily sanctifies all requirements for less then 100,000 audiences live venue. Perfect three-way construction with dual 12” woofers, can meet all demands for different gigs. No matter horizontal or vertical rigging, seamless connection between each unit is always extremely user-friendly. Well-designed rigging system fully satisfies any needs of suspension for touring, rental or permanent installation.

●Adopts BIEMA innovative three-way coaxial design.

●All neodymium components, “light” weigh but “heavy” sound pressure.

●Special “Equal Path Length” waveguide horn, optimized sound delivery.

●Durable square-stamped steel grill, smooth and natural desperation.

●Cozy human-oriented handle, easy carry or lift.

●Typical trapezoidal cabinet design, seamless connection between speakers.

●Flexible rigging design, either vertical line array suspension or ground stack, or even horizontal stacking as a matrix.

●Customized multi-ply birch plywood with strictly control for Resin Sold Content ① and Glue Spread ②.

●Built in Class II dual high frequency protect circuitry ensures stable performance.

●Strong directivity capacity, precise sound dispersion.Notes:

①Resin Solid Content: The index of non- volatile cementing compound under a typical test  condition.

②Glue Consumption: The rate of cementing compound against dry wood while spreading glue to boards.




Frequency response



Hi:2x3"compression driver neodymium;Mid:1x10"neodymium(64mm voice coil );


Low:  2x12"neodymium(100mm voice coil)

Directivity angle



Hi :113dB;  Mid :105dB;   Low :100dB


Hi:16 ohm;  Mid:16 ohm;  Low:2*8 ohm

AES power

Hi:160W;  Mid:350W;  Low:1000W

Power peak

Hi:320W;  Mid 750W;  Low:2000W

Maximum SPL

Hi:135dB(peak:141dB);  Mid:130dB(peak:136dB);  Low:130dB(peak:136dB);


2x 8-pin Neutrik Speakon 

Product dimensions(WxDxH)


Shipping dimensions(WxDxH)